The Spinc Trail is one of the Wicklow Mountains finest walking trails which offers some pretty fantastic views of Glendalough Valley and the surrounding mountains.

It starts at the Upper Lake Car Park and loops around the whole Upper Lake. It would be considered a tough walk for some as it involves some steep climbing beyond the Miner’s Village along the Waterfall.

It is advised to stay along the trail as the land can be quite treacherous depending on the weather. Only recently I found a young man in the Valley of Glenmalure who got separated from his friends in Fog along the Spinc Trail and he ended up far from where he should have been in the Glen of Imaal.

This photograph was taken beyond what I think is the hardest part of the trail beyond the Waterfall. Here you can admire the views of the Valley and also take the time to stalk some Deer/Goats who graze here frequently.