Yesterday myself and my other half Aimee had the day off work so we decided to drive across to Co Clare to visit the wonderful Cliffs of Moher. I was expecting the weather to be very bad and it was. We even witnessed two Chinese students get blown clean off their feet near O’Brien’s Tower which showed how bad the weather was.

My hands were purple and clothes were soaked but at the end of the day I managed to photograph what I needed to and was very happy with the outcome.

I try to visit the cliffs every year around Christmas time as it is my favorite time of the year for weather and moody photographs. This particular photograph was taken looking South at one of the Cliffs high points. Not sure who the person was but they were standing in the right location for me for this shot.

It was risky business standing so close to the edge in that wind which I experienced, it must have been close to 150km/h if not more.