One of the many Waterfalls I have photographed this year. This one in particular just happens to be one of my favourite.

Located in the beautiful Gleniff Horseshoe in Co Sligo this Waterfall is one of my favourites because of its unique look. Not only does it look beautiful but the lower sections are full of ancient Fossils of all shapes and sizes.

In the Autumn/Winter months this Waterfall really comes alive and photographing it is amazing and difficult due to the damp boggy ground around it.

I enjoyed photographing it not long ago with my new Cokin ND Filter kit which gives it that dreamy look. I may visit this again soon when the water is that more violent.

If you arrive in the Gleniff Horseshoe make sure to look for this beauty as it is located near the ruins of the old Schoolhouse under Grainne & Dermot’s Cave.